Site links topology

Based on solution developed for Active Directory Topology Visualization part 1 purpose I’ve made very similar script to have nice picture of defined site links in AD.

I think it’s quite good to know if gap in replication is not caused by lack of site link, etc.


Nothing special was developed by me. I simply query via vbs script this DN:

CN=IP,CN=Inter-Site Transports,CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=my,DC=domain

and result is presented in dot language formatted file.

Vbs code can be downloaded here and feel free to use it:



Result of above vbs script can look like as follow:

and based on it GraphViz can generate:

dot diagram layout (command: dot *.dot -Tjpg -odot.jpg):


fdp diagram layout (command: fdp *.dot -Tjpg -ofdp.jpg):


sfdp diagram layout (command: sfdp *.dot -Tjpg -osfdp.jpg):


Example of site node picture:


There is possible to use any other picture to present site in diagram than above one. The most important is to put picture file of site (site.pngĀ in this case) in the same location where dot file is stored before compilation.


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