DFS-R topology

Topology of DFS-R can be easily visualized by using GraphViz tool.

Based on Active Directory Topology Visualization part 1 solution I’ve developed next script to have clear picture how DFS replication looks like. Design of solution is very the same: vbs script queries AD regarding to DFS replication groups, folders, servers and connections and formats result into dot language file. Then dot file is used as input for GraphViz package to generate picture of DFS-R topology.

Vbs script can be downloaded here without any limitation of using:




Generated dot file can look like this:

and based on it here is the picture (command: fdp *.dot -Tjpg -O):


Rectangles represent replication groups with replication partners. Opposite to Active Directory Topology Visualization part 1 or Site links topology solutions, where nodes occur only once, here is needed one trick to have the same server in various groups. In line 88 in vbs script I pin to node names additional counter to have group specific servers, however their labels stay the same. It allows to see the same server name in various groups but nodes are definitely different from dot language viewpoint.


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